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MTI is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the MegaTrak Fuel System.  (No bid required)

MegaTrak® Pro Software

Standard Version

  • Can be used stand-alone

  • Includes preventive maintenance program with work orders & invoicing

  • Interfaces with all third party software

  • Compatible with windows XP, 7, and 8. MS Server 2008 and 2008R2.

  • Powered by SQL 2005/2008/2012/ Database

  • Infinite sort & filter aiding in customization of reports

  • No driver limit

  • No vehicle limit

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Brad Murchison, San Antonio Lightning Business Editor

"Its versatility, as a truck mounted system, makes it the most reliable system for truck mounted dispensing," Turner told reporters at the Megatronics' corporate headquarters Sunday.

"We feel the MegaTrak® Fuel System is the most cost effective and efficient fuel system on the market. Its modular design and pay-at-the-pump architecture, along with smart-chip-in-a-key technology and easy to use sort and filter software, make it ideal for large and small corporations."

A specially programmed "smart-chip-in-a-key" is assigned to each piece of equipment to be fueled. Besides providing unique accountability for each fueling unit, MegaTrak®'s patented technology boasts the added benefit of 100% prevention of the wrong fuel type being dispensed to the wrong equipment, according to Turner.

The trucks, which incorporate the MegaTrak® system, are assembled by Garsite L.L.P. in Kansas City, Kansas.

MegaTrak® has been a popular choice of many organizations needing truck mounted systems, including governmental entities, construction companies, and mining firms.

MegaTrak® is an Automated Fuel Management System for fleets and those who do on-site fueling. MegaTrak®, ACCOMM are Registered Trade names of MegaTronics International Corp. Patent Pending for ACCOMM, Micro Control Unit (MCU), Transfer Key Methodology. © Copyright MegaTronics International Corp. 1995-2018. U.S. Patent No. 6,128,551. MegaTrak® is third party tested and approved under UL 1238. © Copyright MegaTronics International Corp. 1994-2018. All Rights Reserved