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MegaTrak® Pro Software

Standard Version

  • - Can be used stand-alone

  • - Includes preventive maintenance program with work orders & invoicing

  • - Interfaces with all third party software

  • - Compatible with windows XP, 7, and 8. MS Server 2008 and 2008R2.

  • - Powered by SQL 2005/2008/2012/ Database

  • - Infinite sort & filter aiding in customization of reports

  • - No driver limit

  • - No vehicle limit

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MegaTrak Automated Fuel System

The MegaTrak® Automated Fuel System Hardware is designed with direct, single-hose, pay at the pump architecture, like retail. Competitor's console driven systems lose all hose accountability when communications and/or the console fails. MegaTrak® allows you to move to the next hose or exchange the fuel control unit (MCU) with another. Spare units are also available.

MegaTrak® is scalable, convenient, easily integrates to best of class COTS and is intuitive as Google.
What do you need a fuel system to do?
MegaTrak® can make it happen!

MegaTrak®: Flexible, Adaptable, and Expandable
As Budget Parameters Allow

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                  MegaTrak®'s Dual Hose Control



"Combo Box" Supports Wide Variety of Credentials. The MegaTrak® Series 9000 Automated Fuel System supports a wide variety of user and vehicle credentials, and in any combination:
  • Smart-Chip-in-a-Key
  • Proximity Cards (Can even use existing access control cards)
  • Magnetic Strip Cards (Drivers license, retail credit cards, etc)
  • Bar Coded Cards
  • MTi-Buttons
  • Keypad Entry (Can enter 16 entries in case the mag card demagnetizes)


SPECIAL FEATURE: The MegaTrak® Series 9000 can be set up to process all major credit cards! Real time authorizations via cellular on sites and mobile fueling trucks are also available.

New "Stop At" Feature in MCU-9000. A new feature has been added to MCU-9000's: "Stop At" mode. If this mode is turned on in SETUP, the MCU-9000 will ask for a "Stop At" amount and stop dispensing when that amount is reached. This is especially useful for lubes.

802.11G WiFi Networking Supported.
The MegaTrak® Series 9000 supports networking using WiFi (802.11x) between devices or groups of devices and a server.

Cellular GPRS Radio Supported.
MegaTrak® Series 9000's can network with the server using cellular telephone networks (GPRS) for a low monthly cost. Cellular is excellent for remote locations, mobile trucks, fueling trailers, tanks on skids, short-term construction sites and similar situations.
The MegaTrak hardware can communicate with other fuel management software, and MT PRO Software can interface to all third party softwares and tank probe systems.


MegaTrak®'s Micro Control Unit (MCU) controls a single hose individually, enabling the driver to stop at the desired pump of choice to fuel without crossing busy islands. There is no need to select a pump and hose at a console eliminating the margin for error when working online, or reducing it when working off-line. MCU's are swappable and spare units are available.


MT MCU's mount directly on top of the pumps to monitor a single hose, or on a pedestal nearby. Approved by ETL, the MCU's can communicate through the network connection, wirelessly, radio to network, or be hardwired.

Communications can hop on the same site. For instance, if existing dispensers on a site are hardwired and an alternative fuel or other "hose" is later desired, it can be wireless, radio to network or put directly on the network allowing the mixing of communications methods. MT's versatility of communication capabilities eliminates or greatly reduces the costs to install.


MegaTrak® is now a "combo box" supporting ALL mediums, individually, or in combination. Choose an MTi-Button, smart-chip-key, proximity card, magnetic card, etc. or use a key pad only entry.


A "new" site, pump, lube reel, gate, door or truck mounted system can be automated with MegaTrak® in budgeted phases, if necessary. Just one MCU per hose can get a site/hose automated. As MCU's can operate off-line, transfer mechanisms can be utilized to capture transactions and a site controller (computer) for direct communications to a central computer can be added later.


The MegaTrak® System's operating parameters are adjustable, and may be established by the user' needs. The user can "fine tune" MegaTrak® to capture fueling data accurately by setting acceptable ranges for odometer readings, the amount of fuel the vehicle can get, even the time of day they can fuel. MegaTrak®'s multi-level system is designed for the driver to "get fuel and get on down the road" while stopping unauthorized fueling and triggering necessary vehicle/equipment maintenance.


MegaTrak® is designed for 100% "up-time." Security fall-back levels are established by the user. Specified vehicle/equipment, driver information, etc. is set up with parameters in the MT Pro Software and in certain mediums of choice.
The security fall-back level is a user-specified parameter programmed into each key and MCU. The System will fall back to the higher level specified by the read/write key, i-Button or MCU.
- Level One- Transaction data can be stored in read/write keys or MTi-Buttons for later retrieval during re-authorization.
- Level Two- Transactions are stored in the MCU's flash memory, so they
are never lost. (Holds 32,000 in "its own" memory and can reboot itself, should a power failure occur.)
- Level Three- Transactions are stored in the Host and/or Site controller.
Also, all transactions are time stamped, even if MCU is off-line.
- Level Four- Although there is surge protection built into the MCU, resetting poly fuses allow the MCU to reset itself
after a power outage or surge sending the transactions to the Host controller via the internet, wireless, radio to network or hard-wired communications.


MegaTrak®'s modular design, universal pluggable board technology, and commonality of circuits between the units make them interchangeable and repairs fast, simple, and inexpensive... keeping your fleet moving and minimize downtime!
The MCU was designed using the latest surface-mount technology to make it highly reliable. However, should a MCU malfunction, it does not affect others at the location, so just move to the next pump of choice. Or in the alternative, the MCU's can be interchanged with one at a less used pump hose or swapped out with a "spare" unit.
Also, fleet managers are taught to do MCU diagnostics to help determine if the failure is in the MCU or the dispenser (usually a bad pulser) during training. Instruction also includes diagnostics at the pump using the MCU, the Function Button usage and the replacement of keypads should the end user prefer to purchase "field-replaceable" keypads, instead of sending the unit into the MTI factory.


Because there is a MegaTrak® Controller on every pump, drivers never have to cross a busy driveway or stand in line at a single console island card reader to enable a pump. Also, if the single console malfunctions it is no longer able to make authorizations for the any of the hoses that it controls.


MegaTrak® VALIDATES ODOMETER READINGS before authorizing fueling when on-line. The validated odometer readings will then be uploaded to the Preventive Maintenance Program. Validated readings are essential to the efficiency of a Preventive Maintenance System to trigger maintenance and to help to stop unauthorized fueling. The "two tap" system, a cost saving innovation in the fleet management industry, sends the odometer reading, the vehicle identification and all fault codes found without any human data entry.


MegaTrak® also monitors all of the alternative fuels, to include, but not limited to CNG, LNG, propane, etc. The MCU's are especially cost-effective for alternative fuel tracking, since most alternative fuel pumps have to be isolated (at least 80 to 100 feet) from the other fuel pumps dispensing diesel and unleaded fuel. To accommodate this "distance" law, another central console, at considerable cost would have to be set versus the single MCU that would be required.


MegaTrak® also has the ability to allocate fuel, should that become necessary in the future. (Read/write keys or MTi-Buttons can even be issued with the amount of fuel that vehicle can pump, like a prepaid key).
Parameters are set up in the Vehicle File for Departments and vehicle-based fuel allocation.


MegaTrak® (MT) Pro Standard Software offers a SQL Server database that can be exported as required, using Data Translation Services (DTS). MT Pro allows a single point local administrative control via Windows based software, to include, but not limited to VISTA, XP, or 7 (32-Bit and 64-Bit). MT Pro can be networked and interfaces with all third party software, to include but not limited to all probe systems.
MT Pro Software is a powerful and user-friendly fleet management tool that captures important fueling transaction data to include, but not limited to, date, time, fuel type, site, tank, pump, Employee ID, odometer reading, the amount of fuel pumped, and the miles per gallon the vehicle is getting, and at what price. Personalized messages can alert that a vehicle is due for service or assist in the management of personnel using MT's ability to send customized messages.

MegaTrak® is an Automated Fuel Management System for fleets and those who do on-site fueling. MegaTrak®, ACCOMM are Registered Trade names of MegaTronics International Corp. Patent Pending for ACCOMM, Micro Control Unit (MCU), Transfer Key Methodology. © Copyright MegaTronics International Corp. 1995-2018. U.S. Patent No. 6,128,551. MegaTrak® is third party tested and approved under UL 1238. © Copyright MegaTronics International Corp. 1994-2018. All Rights Reserved